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Beautiful Big Boobed BBW Babe

Beautiful Big Boobed BBW Babe

I’m testing my new blog, with this amazing photo of the amazing big titted Summer Lashay courtesy of XLgirls. I’m so grateful that beautiful big boobed women like this exist.  It’s very exciting to see their bouncing boobs as they walk down the street, or the tight fabric pull over their huge chests as they shop for groceries in tiny tee shirts.  I am a true voyeur,  enjoying all the nuances of a woman’s shape as she goes about her daily routine.  I especially love to see naked women, to be specific, topless girls with enormous tits!  I don’t know what it is, but I can’t help but stare, even though I try so hard not to.  I’ve always looked, even when I was a little kid.  It’s challenging to focus on anything else when there are huge tits in my vicinity.

Once,  a lady caught me looking.  I was so shocked, because I had been totally spacing out, thinking about what it would be like to feel them, staring at them, I must have been drooling, and totally making it obvious.  I imagined that they were heavy boobs with soft skin and they appeared to be big and firm. When I realized she had seen me checking our her amazing big breasts, so full, round and enticing, I must have seemed like some sort of perv, but really, it’s just that.. I LOVE BIG BOOBS!!! Lucky she didn’t seem angry with me for drooling over her and her super sexy big tits.  I hope she knew that I was just admiring her for her incredible shape, and her round perfect breasts.

This may sound strange but sometimes I wish I were a bra.  Then I could wrap myself around great big boobs everyday, that would be my job – boob holder.  That’s what I am, an aspiring huge breast holder.  Or a Boob Reacher Arounder – a BRA.  Heh heh.  Not a bad gig, if you can get it!

Thanks again to XLgirls for the Fabulous Photo of the large breasted beautiful girl to get us started at  Please be sure to check out their site if you like what you see here, there’s a lot more to enjoy!

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