Valentine’s Day

I haven’t posted in a long while now, but I can safely say the hiatus was in support of a good cause. I’ve been working with Anorei Collins and Liana Lushboobs on the launch of Anorei’s site. The work isn’t over with by any stretch of the imagination, and I can say I’m proud to be part of the team. Liana and Anorei have partnered on a great site, quality is a key factor in what goes into the construction of the site. It takes A LOT of time and effort to put together a professionally done site, the hours of labor into the production are staggering. If I had another 12 hours in the day every day, I’d find work to do to fill that time as well.

The last time I saw Liana & Anorei was over Valentine’s weekend. We had a lot of fun, one of the highlights being dinner out. Liana dresses somewhat conservatively in public as a rule, but she was showing off some cleavage. Anorei was in a mood to really show some cleavage, so she had the girls on display. I sat in a round booth between Liana and Anorei, and absolutely had a blast watching jaws hit the floor. I definitely got the evil eye a few times, and found it hilarious how obvious people are in their gawking. I’m pretty sure I’m a lot better practiced in being subtle, as I’ve always gravitated to the company of girls with cleavage. I wonder how many of you reading this would be able to maintain eye contact for an entire meal? It’s not that I don’t notice being surrounded by girls with huge boobs, I just don’t stare.

Anorei out to dinner

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