I Dream of… Ashley

DreamOfAshleyThumb02DreamOfAshleyThumb45I have a policy of non-jealousy. I think that most guys are stupid and insecure about letting their girl be the center of attention, especially when they date the girl who is always the center of attention. For me, this attention has typically been of her huge boobs. Every guy wants a better look at her cleavage, every guy wants to see a bit of a bounce out of the top of her shirt. I say, let them have a look and be frustrated. This girl is hot as hell, and she chooses me! So strut your big busted stuff, feel great about how awesomely beautiful you are, and I’ll see you later.. privately.

I have to wonder how well any guys that have dated Ashley of IDreamOfAshley.com fame have faired. She’s just the tiniest, youngest, cutest little blonde, with amazingly huge tits. 32JJ boobs on such a cute, young girl… DreamOfAshleyThumb04you can imagine that she’s inspired some feelings of jealousy. I think I could manage, but what about you dear reader? Do you think you could manage to keep your jealousy in check as your fabulously huge busted little nymph went and turned the heads of every guy who saw her for a whole night? Wouldn’t you love to see those perfect round boobs in your face at the end of the night? I think that a strong policy of non-jealousy is a good thing, especially since it makes sure my girl feel just awesomely sexy and hot when I get to be alone with her.

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