Brobdingnagian Boobs

One of the challenges of writing a blog so specifically focused on one topic (Don’t get me wrong, it’s my favorite subject) is the words you have to choose from. Huge boobs, massive boobs, giant tits, massive breasts… so on and so forth. After a while it becomes a bit bland, as there are only so many adjectives to describe an immensely well-endowed woman’s chest. I’m always thinking in the back of my mind about the next post I want to write, especially when I’ve been in contact with the model and I’m thinking about her specifically. I could blog ad infinitum about the women I’m friends with, but this site would be too narrowly focused on them. Also, I’d be worried about relating anything personal, and I’ll never be part of compromising their privacy.

Norma naked on the couch Norma topless on the couch Norma Stitz massive cleavage top
Norma Stitz with the top down Norma Stitz glamorous

I’ve been trading email with Norma Stitz, who is extremely friendly and responsive. When thinking about Norma, the adjective Brobdingnagian came to mind. This is an adjective that does some justice to the Biggest Breasts Guinness World Record holder for 10 years, huge or massive just don’t do much to speak to her enormous chest. Norma is truly amazing, with her enormous breasts, and big round ass. Its quite easy to imagine yourself being happy as you’re smothered to death in her gigantic boobs as she climbs on top of you, a fate I’d endure gladly. In fact, she has some material on her site for anyone who has that fantasy, some lucky guy got to find out just what being smothered in those massive mammaries feels like. Norma is a consummate professional, she toils constantly to provide her fans new content featuring her beautiful and amazing body, as well as guest models worthy of a membership alone. Go see her at, and remind yourself how amazing Norma really is.

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