A Pet Peeve

Sitting at my desk today, letting my mind wander off into daydreams of some of the lovely ladies blogged on here, it occurred to me that I have a pet peeve. There are a lot of wonderful words at our disposal for size, especially pertaining to huge boobs. Huge, Massive, and Gigantic are favorites. Ultra Huge even conveys a sense of what we can expect to see. Thinking about the unbelievable proportions of Anorei, it occurred to me that I’ve heard her described as having freakishly large boobs. Freakish? Really? I submit that we put an end to the use of such a negative word to describe something exceptional. I understand how the word comes to mind, as it is truly mind boggling to watch this super cute girls’ nipples come to rest on her thighs as she sits. But I’d much rather hear it be said she has an exceptionally large chest. Super huge boobs. Mammoth mammaries. Knockout knockers. Stupendous rack. Giant gazongas. Immense boobies. Anything else is better. Remember, we love big boobs! :D

After I thought about Anorei (and how not to describe girls like her) for a while, I thought about a favorite model of mine. The amazingly luscious Liana of Lushboobs.com also possesses a legendary endowment. Her massive chest draws you in, and her lush lips keep you there. A stunning 38MM, she is truly one of the bustiest girls sharing her amazing beauty with the world. She’s absolutely the personification of curves, with 10″ of cleavage and a curvy BBW body. Just thinking about how soft and inviting that chest of hers looks, starts me dreaming about being just absolutely drowned in it. A fate I’d gladly suffer, death by humongous boobs! I can only imagine everyone that knows me eulogizing that nobody ever died with a bigger smile on his face!

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