Being the kinda guy I am

I’ve been neglecting my own site lately, and I can’t say I regret it. I’ve been pitching in to help out a friend as she gets her site underway. I’ve been debugging and updating some stuff over at I’m very excited for all of the opportunity in Anorei’s life right now, I’m sure it’s a bit overwhelming. Besides, who’s going to complain about this site not being updated as frequently as long as Anorei gets off the ground?!?!

As a friend to both Anorei Collins and Liana Lushboobs, you can imagine I’ve been thinking a lot about their dual cam show coming up on the 23rd a lot. I’m sure I’m a little biased, but this is a dual cam show of #1 & #2 girls…ever, together. Just considering 38MMs or 40LLs singularly is pretty incredible, but these two together? It’s better than peanut butter and chocolate! I consider all of the possibilities of the sheer volume of breastflesh on display there, and I wonder what I’d like to see. The volume of huge boobs on display is a truly momentous occasion. But, these girls are very different. Liana Lushboobs is a very private person, does topless only. Anorei Collins is unabashed, and does full nude with toys. You should go to and tell Anorei what you’d like to see, and certainly keep your eyes peeled for details on where the show will be held. Meanwhile go check out Anorei at, she hosts regularly there right now. And if you haven’t by now, go check out

Personally I’m looking forward to just seeing them next to each other. Just overloading my vision with boobs and cleavage in every direction is a good way to make me happy. I’ve never been a big fan of lesbian scenes in movies, I just can’t insert myself into that situation as a fantasy. I certainly enjoy seeing Anorei play with toys, as most every girl I’ve ever known has enjoyed playing with toys. I fully encourage this, girls having orgasms is always hot. I’ve always loved camming with Liana, she knows how to make her huge boobs look amazingly delicious. At any rate, I’ll let my mind swim with possibilities for another two weeks, and have wonderful dreams about copious cleavage.

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