Classic Italian Beauties – Now with amazing huge boobs!

alicia-loren-08At lunch today, the topic of conversation turned to Sophia Loren and how amazingly beautiful she was when she was in her prime. A classic Italian beauty, statuesque figure, dark hair and olive skin. She had cleavage enough to draw any guy’s eye when she wanted to, and she always looked the perfect hourglass in a dress. She had a tiny little waist, but the effect was amazing. I’m usually a fan of a more zophtic beauty, I’m as much a fan of soft skin and a soft body as I am a fan of huge boobs. I’m not about to say Sophia Loren would have been too skinny or too small chested for me, but I’m not going to say she wouldn’t have been either. She was beautiful though (and still is for her age), that part I’ll never argue.

alicia-loren-07All of this conversation got me thinking about another Italian beauty with Loren as a last name. In 2006, Alicia Loren stormed onto the web, and wowed everyone with her huge lactating breasts and classic Italian beauty. When she started to do cam shows as Sympatique, I’m sure the servers at had some trouble keeping up with all of the load. Every site was positively abuzz with news about this lovely huge-boobed woman, who is curvy and sultry as they come. Its absolutely no question in my mind as to who I’d pick a date with between Sophia Loren in her day, and Alicia Loren today. She’s doing photo sets over at BigTitsGlamour as well, and I’d have to say she looks positively amazing over there!

alicia-loren-05 alicia-loren-03 alicia loren

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