New feature for members of Anorei Collins official website!

I just helped Anorei get a new feature up and running for members of her website, and you should go join the site for this one reason alone!  For those of you who are voyeurs, you’ll be very excited to see Anorei being herself on her new Voyeur Cam!  For members of only, you’ll […]

A Pet Peeve

Sitting at my desk today, letting my mind wander off into daydreams of some of the lovely ladies blogged on here, it occurred to me that I have a pet peeve. There are a lot of wonderful words at our disposal for size, especially pertaining to huge boobs. Huge, Massive, and Gigantic are […]

Valentine’s Day

I haven’t posted in a long while now, but I can safely say the hiatus was in support of a good cause. I’ve been working with Anorei Collins and Liana Lushboobs on the launch of Anorei’s site. The work isn’t over with by any stretch of the imagination, and I can say I’m […]

The best cam show I can imagine

I wish Liana Lushboobs and Anorei Collins well, I know the preparations are hectic. In just a few short days, the world gets to see the two of you side by side! Have lots of fun, I’d be there to help out if I could! Definitely looking forward to the rest of […]

Brobdingnagian Boobs

One of the challenges of writing a blog so specifically focused on one topic (Don’t get me wrong, it’s my favorite subject) is the words you have to choose from. Huge boobs, massive boobs, giant tits, massive breasts… so on and so forth. After a while it becomes a bit bland, as there […]

Classic Italian Beauties – Now with amazing huge boobs!

At lunch today, the topic of conversation turned to Sophia Loren and how amazingly beautiful she was when she was in her prime. A classic Italian beauty, statuesque figure, dark hair and olive skin. She had cleavage enough to draw any guy’s eye when she wanted to, and she always looked the perfect […]

Being the kinda guy I am

I’ve been neglecting my own site lately, and I can’t say I regret it. I’ve been pitching in to help out a friend as she gets her site underway. I’ve been debugging and updating some stuff over at I’m very excited for all of the opportunity in Anorei’s life right now, […]

I Dream of… Ashley

I have a policy of non-jealousy. I think that most guys are stupid and insecure about letting their girl be the center of attention, especially when they date the girl who is always the center of attention. For me, this attention has typically been of her huge boobs. Every guy wants a […]

That girl with just… something

Dors Feline shows off her massive boobs in a white dress

I was once in my life fascinated of a girl who lived a dangerous life and looked a perfect Bettie Page girl. She had pale skin, wide blue eyes, jet black hair cut in bangs, and the biggest prettiest ruby red lips. […]

Gigantic Chocolate Boobs! Summer Lashay and her amazing 44JJ chest!

Here we go…

Beautiful Big Boobed BBW Babe

I’m testing my new blog, with this amazing photo of the amazing big titted Summer Lashay courtesy of XLgirls. I’m so grateful that beautiful big boobed women like this exist.  It’s very exciting to see their bouncing boobs as they walk down the street, or the tight fabric […]