New feature for members of Anorei Collins official website!

I just helped Anorei get a new feature up and running for members of her website, and you should go join the site for this one reason alone!  For those of you who are voyeurs, you’ll be very excited to see Anorei being herself on her new Voyeur Cam!  For members of only, you’ll […]

A Pet Peeve

Sitting at my desk today, letting my mind wander off into daydreams of some of the lovely ladies blogged on here, it occurred to me that I have a pet peeve. There are a lot of wonderful words at our disposal for size, especially pertaining to huge boobs. Huge, Massive, and Gigantic are […]

Valentine’s Day

I haven’t posted in a long while now, but I can safely say the hiatus was in support of a good cause. I’ve been working with Anorei Collins and Liana Lushboobs on the launch of Anorei’s site. The work isn’t over with by any stretch of the imagination, and I can say I’m […]