New feature for members of Anorei Collins official website!

I just helped Anorei get a new feature up and running for members of her website, and you should go join the site for this one reason alone!  For those of you who are voyeurs, you’ll be very excited to see Anorei being herself on her new Voyeur Cam!  For members of only, you’ll see how much she loves to be free and unrestricted by clothing.  Available most all of the time, you can peek in on her all you like.  I think you should sign up and see for yourself!

A Pet Peeve

Sitting at my desk today, letting my mind wander off into daydreams of some of the lovely ladies blogged on here, it occurred to me that I have a pet peeve. There are a lot of wonderful words at our disposal for size, especially pertaining to huge boobs. Huge, Massive, and Gigantic are favorites. Ultra Huge even conveys a sense of what we can expect to see. Thinking about the unbelievable proportions of Anorei, it occurred to me that I’ve heard her described as having freakishly large boobs. Freakish? Really? I submit that we put an end to the use of such a negative word to describe something exceptional. I understand how the word comes to mind, as it is truly mind boggling to watch this super cute girls’ nipples come to rest on her thighs as she sits. But I’d much rather hear it be said she has an exceptionally large chest. Super huge boobs. Mammoth mammaries. Knockout knockers. Stupendous rack. Giant gazongas. Immense boobies. Anything else is better. Remember, we love big boobs! :D

After I thought about Anorei (and how not to describe girls like her) for a while, I thought about a favorite model of mine. The amazingly luscious Liana of also possesses a legendary endowment. Her massive chest draws you in, and her lush lips keep you there. A stunning 38MM, she is truly one of the bustiest girls sharing her amazing beauty with the world. She’s absolutely the personification of curves, with 10″ of cleavage and a curvy BBW body. Just thinking about how soft and inviting that chest of hers looks, starts me dreaming about being just absolutely drowned in it. A fate I’d gladly suffer, death by humongous boobs! I can only imagine everyone that knows me eulogizing that nobody ever died with a bigger smile on his face!

Valentine’s Day

I haven’t posted in a long while now, but I can safely say the hiatus was in support of a good cause. I’ve been working with Anorei Collins and Liana Lushboobs on the launch of Anorei’s site. The work isn’t over with by any stretch of the imagination, and I can say I’m proud to be part of the team. Liana and Anorei have partnered on a great site, quality is a key factor in what goes into the construction of the site. It takes A LOT of time and effort to put together a professionally done site, the hours of labor into the production are staggering. If I had another 12 hours in the day every day, I’d find work to do to fill that time as well.

The last time I saw Liana & Anorei was over Valentine’s weekend. We had a lot of fun, one of the highlights being dinner out. Liana dresses somewhat conservatively in public as a rule, but she was showing off some cleavage. Anorei was in a mood to really show some cleavage, so she had the girls on display. I sat in a round booth between Liana and Anorei, and absolutely had a blast watching jaws hit the floor. I definitely got the evil eye a few times, and found it hilarious how obvious people are in their gawking. I’m pretty sure I’m a lot better practiced in being subtle, as I’ve always gravitated to the company of girls with cleavage. I wonder how many of you reading this would be able to maintain eye contact for an entire meal? It’s not that I don’t notice being surrounded by girls with huge boobs, I just don’t stare.

Anorei out to dinner

The best cam show I can imagine

I wish Liana Lushboobs and Anorei Collins well, I know the preparations are hectic. In just a few short days, the world gets to see the two of you side by side! Have lots of fun, I’d be there to help out if I could! Definitely looking forward to the rest of 2010!

Guys, go to right now to get details on the show. The 23rd is the beginning of a very cool thing, they’ve got some fun stuff to show us =)

Brobdingnagian Boobs

One of the challenges of writing a blog so specifically focused on one topic (Don’t get me wrong, it’s my favorite subject) is the words you have to choose from. Huge boobs, massive boobs, giant tits, massive breasts… so on and so forth. After a while it becomes a bit bland, as there are only so many adjectives to describe an immensely well-endowed woman’s chest. I’m always thinking in the back of my mind about the next post I want to write, especially when I’ve been in contact with the model and I’m thinking about her specifically. I could blog ad infinitum about the women I’m friends with, but this site would be too narrowly focused on them. Also, I’d be worried about relating anything personal, and I’ll never be part of compromising their privacy.

Norma naked on the couch Norma topless on the couch Norma Stitz massive cleavage top
Norma Stitz with the top down Norma Stitz glamorous

I’ve been trading email with Norma Stitz, who is extremely friendly and responsive. When thinking about Norma, the adjective Brobdingnagian came to mind. This is an adjective that does some justice to the Biggest Breasts Guinness World Record holder for 10 years, huge or massive just don’t do much to speak to her enormous chest. Norma is truly amazing, with her enormous breasts, and big round ass. Its quite easy to imagine yourself being happy as you’re smothered to death in her gigantic boobs as she climbs on top of you, a fate I’d endure gladly. In fact, she has some material on her site for anyone who has that fantasy, some lucky guy got to find out just what being smothered in those massive mammaries feels like. Norma is a consummate professional, she toils constantly to provide her fans new content featuring her beautiful and amazing body, as well as guest models worthy of a membership alone. Go see her at, and remind yourself how amazing Norma really is.

Classic Italian Beauties – Now with amazing huge boobs!

alicia-loren-08At lunch today, the topic of conversation turned to Sophia Loren and how amazingly beautiful she was when she was in her prime. A classic Italian beauty, statuesque figure, dark hair and olive skin. She had cleavage enough to draw any guy’s eye when she wanted to, and she always looked the perfect hourglass in a dress. She had a tiny little waist, but the effect was amazing. I’m usually a fan of a more zophtic beauty, I’m as much a fan of soft skin and a soft body as I am a fan of huge boobs. I’m not about to say Sophia Loren would have been too skinny or too small chested for me, but I’m not going to say she wouldn’t have been either. She was beautiful though (and still is for her age), that part I’ll never argue.

alicia-loren-07All of this conversation got me thinking about another Italian beauty with Loren as a last name. In 2006, Alicia Loren stormed onto the web, and wowed everyone with her huge lactating breasts and classic Italian beauty. When she started to do cam shows as Sympatique, I’m sure the servers at had some trouble keeping up with all of the load. Every site was positively abuzz with news about this lovely huge-boobed woman, who is curvy and sultry as they come. Its absolutely no question in my mind as to who I’d pick a date with between Sophia Loren in her day, and Alicia Loren today. She’s doing photo sets over at BigTitsGlamour as well, and I’d have to say she looks positively amazing over there!

alicia-loren-05 alicia-loren-03 alicia loren

Being the kinda guy I am

I’ve been neglecting my own site lately, and I can’t say I regret it. I’ve been pitching in to help out a friend as she gets her site underway. I’ve been debugging and updating some stuff over at I’m very excited for all of the opportunity in Anorei’s life right now, I’m sure it’s a bit overwhelming. Besides, who’s going to complain about this site not being updated as frequently as long as Anorei gets off the ground?!?!

As a friend to both Anorei Collins and Liana Lushboobs, you can imagine I’ve been thinking a lot about their dual cam show coming up on the 23rd a lot. I’m sure I’m a little biased, but this is a dual cam show of #1 & #2 girls…ever, together. Just considering 38MMs or 40LLs singularly is pretty incredible, but these two together? It’s better than peanut butter and chocolate! I consider all of the possibilities of the sheer volume of breastflesh on display there, and I wonder what I’d like to see. The volume of huge boobs on display is a truly momentous occasion. But, these girls are very different. Liana Lushboobs is a very private person, does topless only. Anorei Collins is unabashed, and does full nude with toys. You should go to and tell Anorei what you’d like to see, and certainly keep your eyes peeled for details on where the show will be held. Meanwhile go check out Anorei at, she hosts regularly there right now. And if you haven’t by now, go check out

Personally I’m looking forward to just seeing them next to each other. Just overloading my vision with boobs and cleavage in every direction is a good way to make me happy. I’ve never been a big fan of lesbian scenes in movies, I just can’t insert myself into that situation as a fantasy. I certainly enjoy seeing Anorei play with toys, as most every girl I’ve ever known has enjoyed playing with toys. I fully encourage this, girls having orgasms is always hot. I’ve always loved camming with Liana, she knows how to make her huge boobs look amazingly delicious. At any rate, I’ll let my mind swim with possibilities for another two weeks, and have wonderful dreams about copious cleavage.

Fill in some blanks?

I put together a list of some of my favorite models, and some of them I don’t have a site for. At any rate, these are some of the next girls I think I’d like to write about.

Model Name Model Site Cam Site Twitter Address
Nadine Jansen NA NA
Alicia Loren NA
Eden Mor NA NA
Lorna Morgan NA @Lorna_Morgan
Chloe Vevrier NA NA
Milena Velba NA NA
Kerry Marie NA NA
Sapphire NA NA
Chaz NA NA
Liana Lushboobs @Liana38MM
Romina Lopez NA NA
Christy Marks NA NA
Alexandra Moore NA NA
Loving Diana NA
Bianca Bloom NA NA
Micky 36h NA NA
Anna Love NA
Nicole Peters NA NA
Karola NA NA
Dors Feline NA @DorsFeline
Anorei Collins @AnoreiCollins
Fuko NA NA
Miosotis NA NA
Samantha Slopes NA
Thick Candy NA NA
Norma Stitz NA
Nelli Roono NA NA
Lily Ryan NA NA @LilyRyan40J
Maria Moore @MsMariaMoore
Taylor Stevens NA NA

I’m sure I’ve forgotten tons of girls, but I can always come back and update this if I need to.

I Dream of… Ashley

DreamOfAshleyThumb02DreamOfAshleyThumb45I have a policy of non-jealousy. I think that most guys are stupid and insecure about letting their girl be the center of attention, especially when they date the girl who is always the center of attention. For me, this attention has typically been of her huge boobs. Every guy wants a better look at her cleavage, every guy wants to see a bit of a bounce out of the top of her shirt. I say, let them have a look and be frustrated. This girl is hot as hell, and she chooses me! So strut your big busted stuff, feel great about how awesomely beautiful you are, and I’ll see you later.. privately.

I have to wonder how well any guys that have dated Ashley of fame have faired. She’s just the tiniest, youngest, cutest little blonde, with amazingly huge tits. 32JJ boobs on such a cute, young girl… DreamOfAshleyThumb04you can imagine that she’s inspired some feelings of jealousy. I think I could manage, but what about you dear reader? Do you think you could manage to keep your jealousy in check as your fabulously huge busted little nymph went and turned the heads of every guy who saw her for a whole night? Wouldn’t you love to see those perfect round boobs in your face at the end of the night? I think that a strong policy of non-jealousy is a good thing, especially since it makes sure my girl feel just awesomely sexy and hot when I get to be alone with her.

That girl with just… something

Dors Feline shows off her massive boobs in a white dress

Dors Feline shows off her massive boobs in a white dress

I was once in my life fascinated of a girl who lived a dangerous life and looked a perfect Bettie Page girl. She had pale skin, wide blue eyes, jet black hair cut in bangs, and the biggest prettiest ruby red lips. She was the constant companion to my punk-rock co-workers/friends, but always had a sweet smile for me. She wasn’t a particularly busty girl, although she had a very hour-glassy figure. This girl just had… something. Her look, her way, her smile, maybe just all of it. I followed her around like a lost little puppy. One night we ended up at her place, which I discovered to be an abandoned house, where people were doing heroin. Um, spell broken. Goodbye forever, although I’ll never forget her face.

Dors Feline's black mesh top can't contain her massive boobs

Dors Feline's black mesh top can't contain her massive boobs

Another girl with that same kinda… something. Dors Feline is super cute, and has that same kind of energy that just draws you in. I love her shock of pink hair, her very cute face, her body art, and oh yeah… that amazing 34K chest on her curvy body. She’s bouncy and bubbly, she’d be a girl to follow around like a lost little puppy! So consider me a big fan of Dors, you should go check her out at her website! She’s a great webmaster, she’s posting new sets constantly. And if you want to know what she’s up to, follow her on Twitter!